Emotionless OTC Trading

I am currently clearing out my portfolio of those stocks that I’ve grown attached to in hopes of bounce backs. When is enough, enough? 30%, 40%, 50% negative gains? Say so long to these toxic positions.  Once again…stick to the rules you set. No emotion. 

04/25/17 OTC Trading Day

Bloody Tuesday. Always seems to be the case in OTC thus far. New Tactic: sell off Monday. Buy/rebuy Tuesday’s for a discount. 

04/24/17 OTC Trading Day

Disappointing day thus far. I’ve been eyeing $GBHL since last week, did the DD, and thought it looked great. I however bypassed it for hype today and ended up missing out on a 124% return. Loaded on $ORRV, $INMG, and $PUPS today. Fearing the pump and dump, I got out of $PUPS end of day with a nice 30% return.  …

04/24 – 04/28 OTC Prospects

Add ORRV in here as well. It’s my first time using DDAmanda for tip offs on what to look at. ORRV has been buzzing around on social media so I figure I’ll take a look (ticker name change in the works). PUPS is supposedly a future BigMoneyMike call on his newsletter.  Interesting to see how that runs.  I have long …

First post.

Due to lofty goals and a nagging itch over the years to get into trading, I’ve finally made the jump. Of all places, I chose the Wild Wild West of  trading – Penny stocks. This will be an interesting journey which I will document here for personal reference.