04/24 – 04/28 OTC Prospects

Add ORRV in here as well. It’s my first time using DDAmanda for tip offs on what to look at. ORRV has been buzzing around on social media so I figure I’ll take a look (ticker name change in the works). PUPS is supposedly a future BigMoneyMike call on his newsletter.  Interesting to see how that runs. 
I have long holds in MMEX, USRM and BVTK which have dipped significantly in price. I don’t have much available funds as I’d like for quick flips. 

I have ABBY in my portfolio as well, however I feel I bought too late that morning. I ended up buying at a higher price than I wanted. FOMO. It spiked and then pulled back. I’m confident it’ll bounce back.  

Countdown: 7 hours until market opens. 

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