$BVTK back? $ETBI in.

Last Friday was an interesting day, particularly with $BVTK and $ETBI. 

$BVTK – I’ve been itching to dump these $BVTK shares as they been such an eye sore, however those sentiments changed last Friday. $BVTK didn’t make much movement price wise, but the accumulation was just sick. Something’s cooking with $BVTK. Dilution is shitty, but once it’s over….BOOM. With all the DD with $BVTK, this just seems like the perfect time to buy (which I did). BVTK closed green at .0007 and was hit With a T-trade end of day, dropping it to .0005. More dilution? If so don’t think there’ll be much more. 

$ETBI – interesting stuff. This stock has pretty much finished diluting. DD looks solid. This isn’t what makes it so interesting though.  Building support with this stock and locking in the float as a cohesive group is the goal with this. So far so good. Go SS!

Tomorrow starts the trading week. Possible plays for tomorrow: buy more $BVTK, buy more $ETBI. 

Side note: Finally sold $MMEX. Still holding $USRM (bought more Friday as well). 

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