$BVTK back? $ETBI in.

Last Friday was an interesting day, particularly with $BVTK and $ETBI.  $BVTK – I’ve been itching to dump these $BVTK shares as they been such an eye sore, however those sentiments changed last Friday. $BVTK didn’t make much movement price wise, but the accumulation was just sick. Something’s cooking with $BVTK. Dilution is shitty, but once it’s over….BOOM. With all …

Emotionless OTC Trading

I am currently clearing out my portfolio of those stocks that I’ve grown attached to in hopes of bounce backs. When is enough, enough? 30%, 40%, 50% negative gains? Say so long to these toxic positions.  Once again…stick to the rules you set. No emotion. 

04/25/17 OTC Trading Day

Bloody Tuesday. Always seems to be the case in OTC thus far. New Tactic: sell off Monday. Buy/rebuy Tuesday’s for a discount. 

04/24/17 OTC Trading Day

Disappointing day thus far. I’ve been eyeing $GBHL since last week, did the DD, and thought it looked great. I however bypassed it for hype today and ended up missing out on a 124% return. Loaded on $ORRV, $INMG, and $PUPS today. Fearing the pump and dump, I got out of $PUPS end of day with a nice 30% return.  …

First post.

Due to lofty goals and a nagging itch over the years to get into trading, I’ve finally made the jump. Of all places, I chose the Wild Wild West of  trading – Penny stocks. This will be an interesting journey which I will document here for personal reference.